killing no murder

killing no murder
Quot. 1657 is the title of a pamphlet asserting that the assassination of Cromwell, the Protector, would be lawful and laudable.

1657 SEXBY & TITUS (title) Killing noe murder.

1800 M. EDGEWORTH Castle Rackrent p. xliv. In Ireland, not only cowards, but the brave ‘die many times before their death’. There killing is no murder.

1908 Times Literary Supplement 4 June 179 The exception is the share which he took in the conspiracy of Orsini against Napoleon III... It was probably a case to which Holyoake would have applied the doctrine of ‘killing no murder’.

1961 C. COCKBURN View from West vi. The British..made, in England, propaganda out of the phrase—attributed to the Irish—‘killing no murder’, they were not foolish enough to take their own propaganda seriously.

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